Phillip Wilson Seminars Phillip Wilson Seminars Phillip Wilson Seminars Phillip Wilson Seminars
Phillip Wilson Seminars Phillip Wilson Seminars Phillip Wilson Seminars Phillip Wilson Seminars
Phillip Wilson Seminars Phillip Wilson Seminars Phillip Wilson Seminars Phillip Wilson Seminars
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Phillip Wilson Seminars

Frequently Asked Questions

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1.   Who can Appraise a Business?
    Each state has it’s own licensing laws, but most states require that in order to appraise a business a person must have a state issued appraisal license.

According to the Competency Rule of USPAP, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal License, prior to accepting an assignment or entering into an agreement to perform any assignment, an appraiser musts properly identify the problem to be addressed and have the knowledge and experience to complete the assignment competently; or alternatively:

    a. disclose the lack of knowledge and /or experience to the client before accepting the assignment; and
    b. take all steps necessary or appropriate to complete the assignment competently; and
    c. describe the lack of knowledge and/or experience and the steps taken to complete the assignment competently in the report.
2.   Why Do Businesses Have To Be Appraised?
      Employees Stock Owner Plan, Arbitration, Gift Tax, Estate Tax, Estate Planning, Stock Options Fairness Opinion, Shareholder Disputes, Divorce, Leverage Buy Outs, Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, Condemnation, Exchange Ratios, Buy/Sell Agreements, Charitable Contributions, Bankruptcy, Recapitalizations, Purchase Price Allocations, Insurance Damage Determination,
Bank Financing, Internal Revenue Service Compliance and Decision to Buy or Sell A Business.
3.   Who Employs Business Appraisers?
      Bankruptcy Attorney, Condemnation Attorneys, Business Law Attorneys, Divorce Attorneys, Immigration & Naturalization Attorneys, Taxation Attorneys, Accountants and CPA, Estate Planners,
Department of Transportation, Business Consultants, Tax Consultants, Bankers, Business Brokers, Business Buyers and Sellers and Insurance Companies to name a few.
4.   What Organization Promote The Appraisal and/or Sale Of Businesses?
      National Society of Appraisal Specialist, International Real Estate Section of the National Association of Realtors, FIABCI-USA International Real Estate Federation, American society
of Appraisers (ASA), Institute of Business Appraisers, Inc. (IBA), International Society of Appraisers, National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA), International Business Brokers Association, Inc, Florida Business Brokers Association and as a rule most states have a state business brokers association.
5. What Are Some Of The Businesses That May Have To Be Appraised?
      Accounting and CPA Firms, Advertising Agencies, Answering Services, New and Used Appliance, Arts and Crafts, Retail Businesses, Auto Brake and Alignment, New and Used Auto Dealerships, Auto Parts, New and Used Auto Rental and Repair, Auto Wrecking Yards, Bakeries Retail and Wholesale, Barber Shops and Beauty Shops, Beer and Wine Distributorships and Taverns, Beer and Wine Retailers, Boat Dealers and Marinas, Bookkeeping Services, Building Materials, Lumber Yards, Camera Shops, Car Wash (Full Service, No Gas, Coin Operated), Chiropractic Practice, New and Used Clothing Stores, Cocktail Lounges, Coffee Shops, Coin Laundries, Collection Agencies, Computer Services, Concrete Bulk Plants, Convenience Store, County Store, Dairy and Grocery Drive Thru, Daycare Centers, Delicatessen, Dental Practices, Distributor in General, Donut Shops, Dress Shops, Drive In Restaurant, Drug Stores, Dry Cleaning Plants, Engineering Practices, Architectural Practices, Employment Agencies, Fabric Needlepoint Shops, Fast Food Stores, Flower Shops (Florists), Funeral Homes (Parlors), Furniture Appliance Stores, Garbage Trash Routes, Garden Centers, Nurseries, Gas Stations (Full or Self Serve), Gift Shops, Golf Courses, Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores, Health Food Stores, Heavy Equipment Sales and Service, Hobby Shops, Hotel and Motel, Ice Cream Parlors, Law Firms, Insurance Agencies, Janitorial Services, Lawn Service, Gardening Service, Liquor and Package Stores, Lock and Key Shops, Manufacturing, Meat market, Medical Practices, Mobile Home Parks, Movie Theater, Music Stores, Newspaper Businesses, Nurseries, Garden Centers, Office Supply, Oil Distribution, Oil Distributorships, Optical Practice, Pest Control Services, Pet Shops, Pizza Business, Photographic Studios, Pool Cleaning Service, Print Shops, Produce market, Radio Stations, Real Estate Offices, Rental Businesses, Restaurants with Alcohol, Drink Bottlers, Sandwich Shops, Sporting Goods Stores, Taxi Cab, Television Sales Service, Travel Agencies, Veterinary Practices, Video Store.
6. Does Phillip F. Wilson teach any other seminars that are accredited for Continuing
      Yes, Phillip is an accredited Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice Instructor.

In the state of Florida he also teaches the Chapter 475 Florida Real Estate Core Law Update,
the Florida Chapter 475 Part II Real Estate Appraisal Core Law Update and Florida Real Estate Appraisal 20 hour, How To Appraise A Business, continuing education seminar.
7. How Long Are The Seminar Presentation?
The seminar presentations can be for as short as 3 hour or for as long as 3 days.
8. What Information Is Covered In The Book, How To Appraise, Buy and Sell A Business?
      Introduction of Business Appraising, Salient Facts & Information, Strength of Profit Multiplier Method, Bookkeeping, Excess Earning Method, Income Approach to Value Method, Market Approach to Value Method, Appraising and the USPAP, Narrative Appraisal Report, Expert Witness, Uniform Commercial Code, Business Listing contract, Letter of Intent to Purchase, Business Purchase Contract, Business Lease, Obtaining Business Financing, Transfer of Ownership, How to Sell A Business, Immigration – E2 Visa,, Required Business Form for Appraising and Marketing a Business, Starting A Business, Fictitious name Requirements, Glossary and Index.
9. How Can I Arrange For Phillip Wilson To Present A Seminar To Our
Fill out the "Schedule A Seminar" Form and fax or mail it in.
10. How Can I Purchase The Book, How To Appraise, Buy and Sell A Business?
Fill out the "Appraisal Book" Order Form and fax or mail it in.

Order the book "How to Appraise, Buy and Sell A Business."

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Purchase your copy of "How to Appraise, Buy and Sell A Business," and learn hard-core, factual, proven methods to earning a substantial income in the field of Business Appraising.

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